Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Ame & Lulu is based in Newton, MA. Our products are available online and in various boutiques, tennis shops and country clubs. See where can I purchase Ame & Lulu products for more information.

How can I order product samples?

Unfortunately, samples are available to members of the press only. Email Us to request samples or more information.

Product Information

Where can I purchase Ame & Lulu products?

Ame & Lulu can be purchased online through our website. Our products are also available in various retail stores throughout the country. To find the store nearest you, Email Us with your zip code.

Where else can I see Ame & Lulu products?

Ame & Lulu products are featured at various trade shows and expos. We would be glad to see you at any of our trade shows. Please Email Us for a full list of show locations and dates.

Where are the products and fabrics designed and manufactured?

Ame & Lulu products are manufactured in the USA and in India. All design work is created in our offices in Newton, MA. We are excited to introduce our original line of fabrics in the Ame & Lulu line.

Do you offer monogramming?

Ame & Lulu offers monogramming on all products with the exception of the Three Ball Holder, Key Chain, Card Holder and Coin Purse. Monogramming for belts is limited to block font and fancy script only. Monogrammed items are not returnable.

How do I care for my Ame & Lulu products?

To uphold the integrity of your Ame & Lulu product, items are spot-clean or dry clean only. Since our bags are lined with a unique combination of many different fabrics, we do not recommend water-based cleaning. Please do not attempt to wash or submerge the entire bag in water.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Orders normally take between 1 to 3 business days to ship. For monogrammed items please allow 10 to 14 days for purchases to arrive. If you would like tracking information please Email Us.

Can I expedite my order?

In most situations orders can be expedited at an extra fee. Please call Ame & Lulu at 617-916-1755 for more information.

Do you offer international shipping?

We are glad to ship orders internationally. For orders shipped to Canada a $10 fee will be added to normal shipping costs. For all other countries a $30 shipping fee will be added. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for shipping. For questions or concerns about international shipping Email Us.

How long are colors/patterns available before they are retired?

Colors and patterns are changed/updated on a yearly basis. If you are seeking an old pattern, please Email Us with your zip code and we will try to find a retailer that might have the pattern that you are looking for.

What is your exchange policy?

Our return policy can be found on our returns page. If you have specific questions regarding your purchase please Email Us.

Can I purchase an Ame & Lulu Gift Certificate?

Yes, please Email Us to obtain more information.

I have suggestions for new Ame & Lulu products. Where should I send them for consideration?

We love to hear suggestions and feedback from our customers! You may Email your suggestions.

Contact Ame & Lulu

How can I obtain an Ame & Lulu catalog?

Please Email Us to obtain a PDF version and promotion opportunities. To request a physical copy or for wholesale inquiries, please Contact Us.

How can I be added or removed from the mailing list?

To join or be removed from our mailing list, please enter your email into the mailing list form. Also, you can become a fan of Ame & Lulu on Facebook.

Become a wholesaler/buy for an event

How can I become an authorized Ame & Lulu retailer?

Please Email Us to obtain wholesale information. Please submit the following to be considered:

• Name, address, phone, website, and email of business
• Buyers name and contact information
• Whether you are a brick and mortar store or online site
• Tax ID number
• Outside photograph of storefront and inside pictures of store
• 3 other brands that are carried in your store that would compliment the Ame & Lulu brand

I am organizing an event for my country club and would like to use Ame & Lulu products for the gifting. How do I go about this?

Please contact the country club prior to purchasing to avoid conflicts with the club’s buyer. If you cannot contact the buyer, or there is no buyer available, then you can Email Us for gifting options. Please include the club name where the event will be held.

Career Opportunities

What career opportunities are available at Ame & Lulu?

We are not currently hiring, however, you are welcome to submit resumes to place your resume on file. If the right opportunity arises, we will contact you with our interest.

Do you have internships available?

We do have unpaid internships that are offered quarterly. They are offered in any of the following areas: general business, marketing, finance, IT, operations, and graphic design. Please submit resumes if you are interested.


How can I request company information?

Please Email Us with your inquiry.

Who should I contact about investing in Ame & Lulu?

Please Email Us with your inquiry.

Where can I find more information about press Ame & Lulu has received?

Visit our Press page.

Where can I find more information about customizable gifting for my company?

Ame & Lulu provides custom logos for corporate orders. Please Email Us for more information. Visit our corporate page for ideas and previous corporate orders. Please send all company logos in a .dst format in order to get a quote or sample. Visit our corporate page for ideas and previous corporate orders.

Company Information

Ame & Lulu

71A Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: 617-916-1755
Fax: 617-879-0499